Then and now



The Leeston-Smith Building was completed in December 1926. It was named for Ernest A. Leeston-Smith, who owned the building. He was one of the original owners of the Meighan Theatre. He was born in New Zealand and did not live here very long. A 1937 St. Petersburg Evening Independent article mentioned that Ed Wynn owned the former Leeston-Smith building. This building has been the site of Miller’s Bar, Miller’s Cafe, a bowling alley, the Crab Trap, Wahoo’s Dance Arcade, Sebastian’s Cafe, and many other businesses. The top photo apparently shows part of the building under construction. The bottom photo was taken Dec. 24, 2015.

WPHS web site changes

We have changed the look of the West Pasco Historical Society web site, as we are now using WordPress. Two of the articles formerly on this site have been moved to They are the WPHS Obituary Database and the listing of burials at Pine Hill Cemetery. Thanks to Gulfcoast Networking for continuing to host our web site!

Photo from the 1967 Chasco Fiesta

chasco blvd fb edited

Here is a photo uploaded tonight to the WPHS Facebook page by Cindy Seletos. It is from the 1967 Chasco Fiesta. She writes that the boat drivers are Debbie Knopp and Cindy Henrickson and that she believes that Sharon Obenreder and Margie Webb are also in this group.

Then and Now



Here are two views of Grand Boulevard north of Main Street, just south of Orange Lake. The first photo is perhaps from the 1920s and the second photo is from 2015.

Then and now


The top photo shows the homes of (originally) William Loveland and James H. Becker. The homes still exist in the modern view, although the Loveland home is largely hidden by trees. Both pictures were taken from across the river on Grand Boulevard.