Then and now


A then-and-now view of Central Avenue, looking west. The top photo is probably from the 1920s. It shows the residences (left to right) of Gerben DeVries, Menno C. Brake, and Stevens. The bottom photo is from Google Street View. The former DeVries residence is on the left and the former Brake residence is barely visible through the trees. Not sure about the other house.

Central Ave. residences


This is a view of residences on Central Avenue, probably from the 1920s. The picture was provided to us by Henry Fletcher. A larger version is here. In the background is the old wooden Methodist church, which was located one lot south of the current First United Methodist Church. The two-story home below and to the right of the church was the residence of Menno C. Brake, father of Menno O. Brake who also lived in New Port Richey after he retired. The photo below shows the home, at 5843 Central Avenue, in 2016.


Majorette’s uniform


Ann Rusaw James shows off an item at the museum, which we think is a Gulf High School majorette’s uniform from the early 1960s. Ann, who is a WPHS board member, was a cheerleader at Gulf back in the day.