Then and now



The top photo shows the Meighan Theatre, the Leeston-Smith Building, and the Kentucky Inn. The theater opened in 1926 and the photo may be from 1926 since the sign on the far right advertises the movie “The Scrappin’ Kid,” which was released in 1926. The theater was named for Thomas Meighan, a Hollywood movie star who wintered in New Port Richey during the boom years.

The bottom photo was taken on Sept. 17, 2016. The Richey Suncoast Theatre is the successor to the Meighan Theatre.

Our museum survives the hurricane


Our 100-year-old museum survived Hermine nicely, as did the adjacent gazebo, almost as old but substantially remodeled over the years. The Rao Musunuru M. D. Museum and Library was originally the Seven Springs school for 10 years and then became a private residence before being moved to Sims Park in 1981. Photo taken on Sept. 2, 2016.