The old Texaco Station at Main and Grand


Circle Service Station, New Port Richey, Donald E. Pierce, manager. This photo is from the late 1940s or possibly early 1950s. Pierce was the nephew of Lee Coast, who came to New Port Richey in 1951 and took over management of the service station.


Here is an interesting view looking onto Main Street from the Texaco Station at the corner of Main and Grand Blvd. The photo was provided by Helen Coast. She and her husband managed the gas station for many years. She does not remember the occasion for the photo, but it looks as if her husband’s car is decorated for a parade.


Henry Lee Coast, usually called Lee, managed the Texaco Station at Grand Blvd. and Main Street for many years. He and his wife Helen came to New Port Richey in 1951.


Helen Coast, looking great at age 101, with great grandchildren Robert and Kimee Gessel, at Helen’s residence on Florida Avenue. Helen Blair was born in Clintonville, Pennsylvania, on March 15, 1916. She and her husband Henry Lee Coast (1913-1998) came to New Port Richey in 1951 to benefit their son Charles’ health. (He’s still living at age 75.) They took over the lease from Donald E. Pierce, Lee’s nephew, to run Circle Service Station on Grand Blvd. The station was a Texaco station, and had existed since at least 1940. It was owned by Tarpon Chevrolet. Mr. and Mrs. Coast lived on Pennsylvania Ave. before they moved to Florida Ave.

Guest speaker


Florida Master Gardener Volunteer Mary Ellen Gotto was the guest speaker at the museum today (4/8). She did an excellent and interesting presentation on the topic of native Florida plants.

Museum visitor


Dana Jo Russ was a museum visitor today (4/8). She donated to us a photo album. Her late husband Eddie was descended from the Frierson family, who owned the residence that is now our museum.

Lillian Kreps


Lillian Kreps was the greeter at the museum today (4/8). She is the oldest volunteer at the museum currently, still looking great at age 94. She has taken many pictures over the years for the historical society, some of which are on this page of our web site..