Museum visitors

Clark and Beth Carnegie were visitors to the museum today (1/26). They are Canadians but have spent much time in Florida. Clark went to school at Pierce Elementary School and Gulf Junior High School in the late 1930s. The house he lived in while attending school here is just across the street from the museum, at 5613 Sims Lane, so we walked over to it and took the top picture. The older photo shows the home when Clark lived in it. It was the residence of the Ross W. Carnegie family.

Museum visitors

Brownies in a local girl scout troop were visitors to the museum on Jan. 25, 2018. Brian Schmit did his usual great job as tour director. The scout troop leader is Nicole Tybor. Larger pictures are here and here.

Then and now

Looking south on Grand Boulevard from Orange Lake in the 1920s and on Jan. 20, 2018. The hotel on the left opened as the Grand Rapids Inn in 1914, as the owners were from Grand Rapids, Michigan. The following year the name was changed to the Hotel Newport, as it was thought the name for the new town would be written as Newport-Richey.

Museum visitors

Members of Girl Scout Troop 582 visited the museum today (Jan. 20, 2018). In the photos also are troop leader Adrienne Brown and WPHS board member Brian Schmit, who conducted the tour.

Museum visitor

Ken Weightman was a visitor to the museum on Dec. 30, 2017. He allowed us to scan a large number of cards from his excellent collection of old New Port Richey picture post cards. He says he has been collecting them since the 1980s. The picture here shows one of two binders of cards he has. Mr. Weightman is a teacher at Gulf High School. The cards can be found here and on our Facebook page.