Museum visitors


Two very welcome visitors to the museum today were J. W. Hunnicutt and Nell Moody Woodcock. In 2010 they and Theresa Osbron Smith created a tremendous web site with much information and many old pictures about the history of northeast Pasco County. They plan to shut down the site in July, and they have given Jeff Miller permission to import the pages and pictures from their site into his history of Pasco County site.

J. W. was born in Lacoochee in 1937 and graduated from Pasco High School in 1955. His great-great-grandparents came here from Thomasville, Georgia, in 1872. Nell Moody (Woodcock) was born in Baxley, Georgia, in 1926, but came to Lacoochee as an infant when her father worked at the Cummer Sons Cypress Company’s Crate Mill. She attended schools in Lacoochee and Dade City and graduated from Pasco High School in 1944.

Mr. Hunnicutt donated to the museum a set of historic photos of the Cummer Sons mill at Lacoochee and allowed us to scan some of his old original photos.