Three pictures from 1948

Five post cards, all dated January 1948, were donated to the museum recently by D. Braun of San Diego, who wrote that her parents visited New Port Richey in the 1940s. We’ve put two of them on line previously, but here are the three pictures we have never seen before.




The top photo is the Hacienda Hotel, showing the Bank Street entrance. The middle photo shows what is now called Grand Boulevard. The first building on the right is now the Richey Suncoast Theatre and the large building in the center is now occupied by The Gatsby. Back then, it was Miller’s Cafe. The wooden building is the old Kentucky Inn, which was originally a private residence. The bottom photo was taken from the old Main Street humpback bridge in use from 1927 to 1967. It seems to be looking west towards U. S. 19.

The photos can be seen in a larger format on our Facebook page and in our photo collection on Flickr.