Museum visitors

Albert and Patricia Watt were visitors to the museum today (Feb. 18, 2018).

Patricia is the artist who did the painting of the home of Thomas Meighan which is on display at the museum. She did the painting in 1985 and presented it to the museum in 2003, but had forgotten that we had the painting on display until she recently saw a picture of the painting on our Facebook page.

Patricia Watt has painted the old historic buildings in New Port Richey and the homes in the vicinity of Meighan’s home. She lives in one of several homes that are on the property which was owned by Thomas Meighan.

Albert Watt is Irish and says he is in his 90th year. Patricia Watt is 82 years old. Albert is Irish; Patricia is from Kent, England. They met in England 46 years ago in the Lake District.

Mrs. Watt will be holding an art show each Saturday in March and April from 12 noon to 4 p.m. at their home at 7124 Jasmin Drive in New Port Richey. For more information, call 727 848-8449.