Then and now


The Swafford building, probably in the late 1920s, and Cornerstone Pizza / Johnny Grits Restaurant on March 12, 2016. This building has had numerous tenants and owners over the years. It was the Chasco Inn in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s, and later the home of Weiskopf Travel Agency. There was an earlier wooden building on this same site known as the Havens Building. This building doesn’t look at all like the Havens Building, but apparently incorporated parts of the Havens Building, and if they are considered the same building, then this is the oldest building in the business district, dating to 1915 or 1916. If this is considered a different building, then it dates to 1926. The owner apparently considered it a new building, as the sign says SWAFFORD 1926.