Museum volunteers

Our volunteers at the museum on June 23, 2019, were Bette Conde, Stephanie Kleemichen, George Kalfas, and Sheila Fecenko. Incidentally, Bette Conde claims to be named for the actress Bette Davis, and that could account for her dramatic appearance.

Doug Sanders will be our next speaker, on July 13

Our next speaker at the museum is Doug Sanders, the history writer for The Laker-Lutz News, a former city planner for Dade City, and a former news director of WDCF radio station in Dade City. He will ask and answer some questions about Pasco County history that you may not know about. At what venue in Pasco County did B. B. King, Ray Charles, and James Brown perform? Did Calvin Coolidge have lunch in Dade City? What man from Atlanta brought the first railroad to Pasco County? What actor who appeared on the Andy Griffith Show, Bewitched, and the Dick Van Dyke Show was born in Dade City? Where was the last Indian attack on a settler’s homestead east of the Mississippi River? Does a Dade City woman have a document signed by Abraham Lincoln? To learn about these topics and more, join us on Saturday, July 13, at 1 p.m. at the museum in Sims Park. There is no charge for admission.

Museum visitors

Among the visitors to the museum on June 14, 2019, were David Gallion, his daughter Tina Levasseur, and her sons Reid and Brendyn Lavasseur. David Gallion grew up in both Levy and Pasco counties, but he did attend some grades at Elfers Elementary School and he graduated from Gulf High School in 1960. His parents were Howard and Laura Gallion. Laura’s parents were Franklin Butler Sr. (1867-1951) and Sarah “Sally” Hudson (1875-1964). Sarah Hudson seems likely to be a daughter of Thomas Byrd Hudson (b. 1852), one of the sons of Isaac Washington Hudson Sr., from whom the town of Hudson gets its name. However, Jeff Cannon, the expert on the Hudson family genealogy, says the offspring of Thomas Byrd Hudson are unknown, so there is no confirmation at this time.

Museum visitor

Kathy Logue, a substitute teacher at Gulf High School, visited the museum on June 2, 2019. She brought us the 2019 Gulf High yearbook to add to our yearbook collection. We now have these Gulf yearbooks: 1940, 1946-47, 1951, 1953, 1958, 1963-65, 1972-76, 1979, 1982-87, 1989, 1994, 2000-02, 2006-15, and 2019. And we have may Gulf Middle School and Ridgewood High School yearbooks. Thanks to Ms. Heather Evans, the Gulf yearbook sponsor, and her yearbook staff for this year’s yearbook.

Veteran’s memorial to be re-dedicated

The Veterans Memorial on Orange Lake will be re-dedicated Saturday morning (5/18) at 9 a.m., as it has recently been refurbished. Afterwards, everyone is invited to the museum free tours and cold beverages. The memorial was first dedicated on Memorial Day in 1947 by the American Legion, whose members built the structure, although it is dedicated to all U. S. veterans.