B3 100 Years in Palmetto Ruth E. Abel 
B3 125 Years: Tampa Bay Through the Times Paul Tash
C1 200 Quick Looks at Florida History James C. Clark 
B4 A History of Sumter County, Florida Elsie Baylor Wysong
B3 A Land Remembered Patrick D. Smith
B2 Accent Florida Hampton Dunn
E1 African American heritage of Florida David R. Colburn and Jane L. Landers, editors
B3 African Americans On the Tampa Bay Frontier Canter Brown, Jr.
E1 Afro-American in United States History, The Benjamin Dasilva, Milton Finkelstein, Arlene Loshin
E2 Alice's Goldfinch and other Poems David Roth
C1 Alligator Monarch of the Everglades Connie M. Toops
D2 American Civil War  
D2 American Heritage Picture History of the Civil War Richard M. Ketchum, editor
D3 American Indian in Alabama and the Southeast, The John Franklin Phillips
D3 American Indian, The Raymond F. Locke, editor
E3 An Enduring Conspiracy John Chaplick 
E2 Angel in the Shadows Lisa Grace
E3 Another Kind of Mind Michael S. Dalton
A3 Archeological Survey of the Oelsner Mound, An Michael Garner
A2 Aripeka, Florida: An Important Destination on My Life's Journey Louis H. Charity
B1 Artillery Through the Ages Albert Manucy
E3 Atlanta Pop in the 50s, 60s, and 70s Andy Lee White, John M. Williams
C2 Atlantic Pilot John Gerar William De Braham
C4 Atlas of Florida Edward A. Fernald and Elizabeth D. Purdum, editors
C4 Atlas of Florida Erwin Raisz
C3 Azalea Culture R.D. Dickey
B3 Back Home: A History of Citrus County, Florida Hampton Dunn 
B2 Backroads and Byways of Florida Zain Deane
B2 Backroads of Florida Paul M. Franklin and Nancy Mikula
C3 Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Stations and Towers along the Niagara Division William Fries
E2 Barefoot Mailman Theodore Pratt
B1 Beach and Coast Camping in Florida Johnny Molloy
C1 Becalmed in the Mullet Latitudes Al Burt's Florida  Al Burt 
B2 Best Florida Getaways Janet Fusco, Erin Marvin
B2 Best Restaurants Florida's Gold Coast Robert Tolf
E2 Between the Lies Alison Oburia
E3 Beyond the Shadow of the Arch Ken Dye
B1 Bicycling in Florida: The Cyclist's Road and Off-Road Guide Tom Oswald
D3 Billy Bowlegs War James W. Covington
D3 Biographical Sketches and Anecdotes of 95 of 120 Principal Chiefs Thomas L. McKenney, James Hall
B1 Birds of Florida Francis Wyly Hall 
E1 Black Experience: A guide to Afro-American Resources in Florida State Archives Florida Bureau of Archives and Records Management.
E1 Black Florida Kevin M. McCarthy 
E2 Black Widow, The Randy Wayne White
B1 Book of Florida Fishing Fresh and Salt Water Gordon Lewis
D3 Book of Woodcraft and Indian Lore Ernest T. Seton
C1 Born of the Sun Joan E. Gill & Beth R. Read, editors
B1 Brief Guide to Florida's Monuments and Memorials Roberta Sandler
D2 Brief history of the Pequot War, A John Mason
B3 British St. Augustine J. Leitch Wright, Jr.
E3 Broken Doll Frances Mancuso Durler
B3 Broward County - A Contemporary Portrait Daniel Hobby
E3 Building the Living Temple Edward Pittman
C3 Bulbs for Florida R.J. Black, N.C Bussey and D. Burch 
C3 Caladesi Cookbook Myrtle Scharrer Betz
B2 Camper's Guide to Florida 2nd Edition Mickey Little
B1 Canoeing and Kayaking Guide to the Streams of Florida Elizabeth F. Carter and John L. Pearce 
B1 Canoeing Florida Volume 1 The Panhandle Robert Anderson
B1 Canoeing Florida Volume 2 Northern Peninsula Robert Anderson
D2 Carpetbag Rule in Florida John Wallace 
E2 Castle of Change, The T. Murphy
E3 Cedar Key James L. West
A2 Cedar Point Chronicles 1974-1987, The Louis H. Charity
B3 Celebrating Community Tarpon Springs: Reflections on 125 Years Genevieve Crosby, Phyllis Kolianos, Kathleen Monahan, and Cynthia Tarapani
B2 Celebrating Florida; Works of Art from the Vickers Collection Gary R. Libby
A3 Centennial Souvenir Magazine (Pasco County, 1987) none
B2 Central Florida Attractions: A Consumer Guide Bob Sehlinger and John Finley
D3 Cherokee Legends and the Trail of Tears Thomas Bryan Underwood
B3 Children on the Tampa Bay Frontier Canter Brown, Jr.
E3 Christians Remember Your Past Lives Learn How Douglas Casimiri
E3 Christmas Eyes David J. Roth
B1 Christmas in Florida Kevin M. McCarthy 
B1 Christopher Still Coming Home Christopher Still
B2 Cigar City Mafia Scott M. Dietche
C3 Citrus Fruits and Their Culture H. Harold Hume 
C3 Citrus Growing in Florida Louis W. Zeigler & Herbert S. Wolfe
E2 Citrus White Gold John Charles Miller 
A3 Citrus, Sawmills, Critters, Crackers Life in Early Lutz and Central Pasco County Elizabeth Riegler MacManus,  Susan MacManus
B3 Ciudad De Cigars: West Pasco Armando Mendez
D2 Civil War John S. Blay
D2 Civil War Harry Hansen
D2 Civil War History Volume 24 Number 4
D2 Civil War History Volume 26 Number 4
D2 Civil War in Song and Legend Compiled by Bill Schustik
D2 Civil War Times Illustrated  Time Magazine
D2 Civil War Times Illustrated vol. 19 no. 9 Time Magazine
D2 Civil War Times Illustrated vol. 20 no. 5 Time Magazine
D2 Civil War: A Collection of U.S. Commemorative Stamps  
E1 Civil War's Black soldiers Joseph T Glatthaar
C4 Classic Cracker - Florida's Wood-Frame Vernacular Architecture Ronald W. Haase
A1 Code of Ordinances City of New Port Richey Florida  
  Colonial Spirit of '76 David C. Whitney
E2 Come on Teacher Florence Lyon
C3 Common Forest Trees of Florida W. Mattoon
D2 Community Projects and Events for the Nations Bicentennial   
D3 Complete Book of Seminole Patchwork  Beverly Rush with Lassie Wittman
C3 Complete Guide to Florida Gardening  Stan DeFreitas' 
C4 Confederacy  Richard Bales 
D2 Confederate and Southern States Bonds Grover C. Criswell
D2 Confederate Bonds Grover C. Criswell
C3 Cooking Favorites of Holiday, Florida Buena Vista Ladies Auxiliary
C3 Cooking Favorites of New Port Richey, Florida  West Pasco Historical Society 
B3 Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary: A self-Guided Tour of the Boardwalk  Alexander Sprunt IV
A3 Cotee River Boat Club Rules and Regulations  
C3 Cracker Cooking  
E3 Crisper Generation, The Kiran Musunuru
C3 Cross Creek Cookery Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
E2 Cuban-American: Dancing on the Hyphen Amarilys Gacio Rassler
  Cuna Indians of Panama Translations of Stories and Chants of the Cuna Tribe Neville A. Harte
A3 Cycadia Cemetery City of Tarpon Springs, City of
B4 DAR Patriot Index Centennial Edition Part I DAR
C2 De Soto in the Land of Florida  Grace King
E3 Dead Like Me  Kelly Miller 
E3 Deadly Fantasies Kelly Miller
D3 Dictionary of Prehistoric Indian Artifacts of the American Southwest  Franklin Barnett
C1 Dispatches from the Land of Flowers Klinkenberg, Jeff
E3 Doc's Leisure Reader Marc J. Yacht
E3 Doc's Leisure Reader II Marc J. Yacht
C2 Dreamers, Schemers and Scalawags: The  Florida Chronicles  Stuart B. McIver
B3 Dunnellon Boomtown of the 1980's - The Story of Rainbow Springs and Dunnellon J. Lester Dinkins
A2 Early Settlers of Hudson, Florida, The Pauline Stevenson Ash
B4 East Florida Expeditions of Clarence Bloomfield Moore Jeffrey M. Mitchem
C2 Eighteenth Century Florida and the Caribbean   
C2 Eighteenth Century Florida: The Impact of the American Revolution   
E3 Eighth Deadly Sin, The John S. Richardson
A3 Elfers Elementary School - A Lifetime of Knowledge Corinna Townes
E1 Encyclopedia of Black Collectibles: a Value and Identification Guide Reno, Dawn E.
E3 Etty of Elfers C. S. Hubach
C2 Exploring Florida 100 Years Ago  Stuart D. Ludlum
E2 Extraordinary Rendition, An Henley Hornbook
B2 Fairchild Tropical Garden Miami Jeanne Garrard 
C3 Fascinating Railroad Business  Robert Selph Henry 
E3 Favorite Foods From the Kitchen of Frances Fair Clark Mallett Naomi Burney Valverde (compiled by)
E3 Fears and Tears Alfred Lang
D2 Fifty Feet in Paradise the Booming of Florida  David Nolan 
C2 Fifty-Five Famous Floridians  Rodney F. Allen 
C2 Finding Florida -The True History of the Sunshine State T. D. Allman
  First Frontier R.V. Coleman
B1 Flight Into Sunset Bird Experiences in Florida  Helen G. Cruckshank
B2 Florida NY World's Fair
C4 Florida Bern Keating
C4 Florida  Hans W. Hannau
C1 Florida  A Bicentennial History Gloria Jahoda
B1 Florida a Geographical Approach  Robert B. Marcus and Edward A. Fernald 
C4 Florida a Picture Book to Remember Her By   
C1 Florida a Short History Michael Gannon
B1 Florida A Way of Life  Mike Smith
C1 Florida Almanac 1980-1981  
D2 Florida and Southern Digest Volume 20 Part 1  
D2 Florida and Southern Digest Volume 20 Part 2  
B4 Florida Archaeology an Overview   
C1 Florida At War Lewis N. Wynne, editor
C1 Florida Bicentennial Trail: A Heritage Revisited  Bicentennial Commission of Florida 
E1 Florida black heritage trail Gary Goodwin and Suzanne Walker
B1 Florida Boating and Water Sports Guide  Max Branyon 
B1 Florida Cattle Ranching Five Centuries of Tradition   
C2 Florida Conversations III Edgar L'Heureux
C4 Florida County Maps and Recreational Guide  C.J. Puetz
A2 Florida Cracker Days in West Pasco County Pauline Stevenson Ash
D2 Florida During the Civil War Battles & Skirmishes  
C2 Florida Facts and Fallacies  Tom Gaskins
B1 Florida Family Adventure Guide Chelle Koster Walton
C2 Florida Fiasco Rembert W. Patrick 
B1 Florida Fish and Fishing  Phil Francis 
B2 Florida for Floridians- Developing a Sense  of  Community, A  
C3 Florida Fruits and Vegetables in the Commercial Menu Mary A. Stennis 
C3 Florida Gardener   
D1 Florida Handbook 1969-1970 Allen Morris 
D1 Florida Handbook 1981-1982 Allen Morris
D1 Florida Handbook 1983-1984 Allen Morris
D1 Florida Handbook 1985-1986 Allen Morris
D1 Florida Handbook 1989-1990 Allen Morris
D1 Florida Handbook 1991-1992 Allen Morris
D1 Florida Handbook 1993-1994 Allen Morris
D1 Florida Handbook 1995-1996 Allen Morris
D1 Florida Handbook 1997-1998 Allen Morris
D1 Florida Handbook 1999-2000 Allen Morris
D1 Florida Handbook 2003-2004 Allen Morris
D1 Florida Handbook 2005-2006 Allen Morris
C3 Florida Heritage Cook Book  
D2 Florida House of Representatives 1998-2000  
C1 Florida in  Revolutionary Era  Samuel Proctor, Editor
  Florida in Poetry Jane Anderson Jones & Maurice O'Sullivan, Editors
C2 Florida in the Making  Frank Parker Stockbridge and John  Holliday Perry 
D3 Florida Indians of Past and Present  Adelaide K. Bullen
B2 Florida Insects Their Habits and Control  Lewis S. Maxwell
C1 Florida Its Problems and Prospects  Edward A. Fernald 
B3 Florida Keys: A History of  Pioneers John Viele
B1 Florida Land and Water Resources Southwest Florida   
C3 Florida Lawns and Gardens  Lewis S. Maxwell
B2 Florida Lore Caren Schnur Neile
B2 Florida Off the Beaten Path  Diana and Bill Gleasner 
B2 Florida Parks a Guide to Camping in Nature Gerald Grow
A4 Florida Pioneer Descendants Certificate Program 1979-1995 Florida State Genealogical Society
D3 Florida Place Names of Indian Derivation J. Clarence Simpson
C3 Florida Plant Selector Lewis S. Maxwell and Betty M. Maxwell
C4 Florida Profile for Profit Charles Campbell
B1 Florida Quilts  Charlotte Allen Williams 
B2 Florida Ramble Alex Shoumatoff
C4 Florida Rediscovered C. Douglas Elliot, Jeffrey B. Trammell
D3 Florida Seminole Wars Heritage Trail Seminole Wars Foundation, Inc.
B1 Florida Shipwreck Treasures L. Frank Hudson
A1 Florida Statistical Abstract 2007  
B1 Florida Story  Jack Kofoed 
B1 Florida Trails to Turnpikes Baynard Kendrick
C2 Florida Under Five Flags  Robert W. Patrick and Allen Morris
A1 Florida Voter Registration List 1867-68  
B1 Florida Weather  Morton D. Winsberg
C3 Florida, My Eden Frederic B. Stresau
C4 Florida: A Photographic Journey Bill Harris
C4 Florida: A Place in the Sun Heinz Erhardt, Al Burt
C2 Florida: its scenery, climate and history Sidney Lanier 
D2 Florida: Polluted Paradise June Cleo, Hank Mesouf
B1 Florida's Best Golf Courses  Ronnie Ramos
C1 Florida's Civil Warr Years Keith W. Kohl 
D2 Florida's Fabulous Reptiles and Amphibians
B2 Florida's Fabulous Trail Guide Tim Ohr
D2 Florida's Fabulous Trees Winston Williams
B1 Florida's Fishing Grounds  Martin Moe 
C2 Florida's French Revolution 1793-1795 Charles E. Bennett
C2 Florida's Frontier the Way It Was Mary Ida Bass Barber Sherhart 
C3 Florida's Great Ocean Railway Building the Key West Extension  Dan Gallagher
B2 Florida's Megatrends  David R. Colburn and Lance deHanen-Smith 
B1 Florida's Museums and Cultural Attractions Murray D. Laurie
C2 Florida's Past People and Events That Shaped the State  Gene M. Burnett
C2 Florida's Past Volume 2 People and Events That Shaped the State  Gene M. Burnett 
C4 Florida's Promoters: The Men Who Made It Big Charles E. Harner
B1 Florida's Sandy Beaches  
B3 Florida's Weeki Wachee Wilderness   
E2 Floridays Don Blanding
C3 Flowers, Shrubs and Trees for Florida Homes  Charles S. Bush
B1 Fly Fishing in Salt Water Bernard Lefty Kreh
  Forerunners Courageous - Stories of Frontier Florida Leroy Collins
C3 Forest Trees of Florida  Florida Division of Forestry 
C2 Fort Caroline and Its Leader Charles E. Bennett
E2 Fort Everglades  Frank G. Slaughter 
B3 Fort Myers and Saniel Island Donald D. Spencer
D3 Four American Indians Edison L. Whitney and Frances M. Perry
  French and Indian Wars Francis Russell
C3 Fruits for Southern Florida Sturrock, David
E3 Fuel for the Fire Elizabeth Phillips Goehringer
C3 Gardenias in Florida  Charles A. Conover
D2 Genesis of  the Civil War Samuel C. Crawford 
A2 Genesis of New Port Richey  Elroy M. Avery
D3 George Turner's Book of American Indians George Turner
B1 Ghost Towns and Side Roads of Florida  James R. Warnke
B3 Giant Steps, the History of Morton F. Plant Hospital  Jan Kirby 
E2 Gleaning of the Years  B. M. Hampton
  Glory and  Dream Volume One William Manchester
  Glory and  Dream Volume Two William Manchester
A2 Glory Days: The History of New Port Richey Florida Brian Schmit
A3 Going Going Almost Gone: Lutz-Land O' Lakes Pioneers Share… Elizabeth Riegler MacManus, Susan MacManus
E2 Golden Ray of Light, A Roy Marks
C3 Growing Camellias in Florida E.W. McElwee
E3 Guest of Honor William Boden
E1 Guide to America's Greatest Historic Places   
B1 Guide to Florida Lighthouses Elinor DeWire
B2 Guide to Florida's Historic Markers  
B2 Guide to the Best Restaurants, Resorts, and Hotels Robert Tolf and Russell Buchan
B1 Gunkholer's Cruising Guide to Florida's West Coast  Tom Lenfestey
A2 Hacienda Hotel WPHS
C3 Handbook of Florida Flowers  Lucille Procter
B1 Haunt Hunter's Guide to Florida  Joyce Elson Moore 
E3 Heaven: The Threshold and Beyond Edward and Mariela Gazsi
B3 Hemingway's Key West 2nd Edition Stuart B. McIver
C2 Henry Plant Pioneer Empire Builder  Kelly Reynolds 
C2 Here They Once Stood the Tragic End of the Apalachee Missions Mark F. Boyd, Hale G. Smith, John W. Griffin
A3 Hernando County 1885 Florida State Census Index William T. and Patricia Martin
C3 Hibiscus in Florida R.D. Dickey
D2 Hidden Face of  Civil War  Otto Eisenschml
B3 Historic Old Cedar Key a Walking Tour   
A3 Historic Places of Pasco County  James J. Horgan, Alice F. Hall, Edward  J.  Herrmann
B1 Historical Travelers' Guide to Florida Eliot Kleinberg
D2 History of Banking in Florida  J. E. Dovell, Ph. D.
A3 History of Community Congregational Church Walter E. Love, Burgess R. Lunsford, Ruth Tompkins
C1 History of Florida Charlton W. Tebeau
C2 History of Florida  G. R. Fairbanks 
C2 History of Florida in 40 Minutes Michael Gannon
B4 History of Keystone Odessa and Citrus Park Henry J. Binder
B3 History of Lutz  Hillsborough County, Florida
B3 History of Martin County  Janet Hutchinson 
A3 History of Pasco County Florida J. A. Hendley
B3 History of St. Petersburg  Karl H. Grismer 
D3 History of the American Indians James Adair
A3 History of the Hudson Volunteer Fire Department   
D3 History of the Second Seminole War 1835-1842 Mahon, John K.
C1 History of the Spanish-American War Henry Watterson
E3 Hoplite Renegades Michael Darling
C3 How to Smoke Seafood Florida Cracker Style Ted Dahlem
D3 Hunted Like a Wolf: The Story of the Seminole War Milton Meltzer
E3 I Caught the Drift of Heaven John Durler
C2 Idella Perfect Maid  Idella Parker
C2 Illustrated Florida History James & Jacqueline Robe
B3 Image of America - Sarasota 1940-2005 Amy A. Elder
B3 Images of America - Dunedin Vincent Luisi, A. M. de Quesada Jr.
A2 Images of America - Florida Shipwrecks Michael Barnette
A2 Images of America New Port Richey  Adam J. Carozza 
A2 Images of America: Hudson Jeff Cannon
B3 Immigrant World of Ybor City  Gary R. Mormino & George E. Pozzetta
A2 Incorporation of New Port Richey
  Incredible Wheel of Time Ervin Stuntz 
A2 Index for WPHS Books Joseph E. Arnold
D3 Indian Cookin  Frances L. Whisler 
D3 Indian Mounds You Can Visit  I. Mac Perry 
B3 Indian River County  Indian River Genealogical Society
B3 Indian Rocks As It Was - A Pictorial History Indian Rocks Historical Society
D3 Indian Wars of the US Army Fairfax Downey
D3 Indians of the Americas John Collier
B3 Insiders' Guide to Tampa Bay  Suzy Adams Dixon and Paula Stahel 
E1 Interpreting southern history : historiographical essays in honor of Sanford W. Higginbotham John B. Boles and Evelyn T. Nolen, editors
C3 Iron Horse in the Pinelands: Building West Florida's Railroad 1881-1883 Virginia Parks, editor
B3 It's No Bull the Taming of Northeast Pinellas County  Arthur F. Olds
D3 John Hawk: A Seminole Saga Beatrice Levin
C4 John Ringling
B3 Journal of  Brevard County Historical Commission   
C3 Journey Into Florida Railroad History  Gregg Turner 
  Journey into Wilderness Jacob Rhett Motte
B3 Key West History  L. P. Artman Jr. 
B1 Kid's Guide to Florida Karen Grove 
E2 Kissimmee Capture the Flavor of Florida  Ann O'Connell Rust
C2 Know Florida  
E2 Kracker Flats Mario Iezzoni
B3 Lake Okeechobee Wellspring of the Everglades Alfred and Kathryn Hanna
B1 Land Into Water- Water Into Land  Nelson M. Blake 
C2 Land of Sunshine, State of Dreams Gary R. Mormino
C3 Landscaping Florida Homes  E.W. McElwee
B3 Largo Then Til.... Bicentennial History Book Committee
C1 Last of  Ruling Reptiles Alligators, Crocodiles, and their Kin Wilfred T. Neill
A3 Last Wildcat, The Roger Rice Landers, editor
B3 Legendary Locals of Lake County Doris Bloodsworth, Connie Fleetwood
C2 Lest We Forget   
B1 Let's go Shelling  Frances Peabody McKay 
B2 Let's go to Florida  Ralph Henry Barbour 
E3 Letters to My Wife: A World War II Love Story Ellen Anderson
B3 Lettuce Lake Park  
E2 Lights and Shadows B. M. Hampton 
D3 Like Beads on a String: a Culture History of the Seminole Indians in North Peninsular Florida Weisman, Brent Richards
D2 Lincoln Herald Volume 81 Number 3
E2 Lion's Paw, The Robb White
A3 Literary Florida  E. S. Johnson
B1 Lost Treasures of Florida's West Coast  L. Frank Hudson 
C3 Lutz Depot  Elizabeth Riegler MacManus, Susan MacManus
B3 Lutz Olden Days Elizabeth Riegler MacManus
E2 Magnificent Seven, The David Roth
B3 Majesty of St. Augustine Steven Brooke
B2 Man in the Everglades  Charlton W. Tebeau
E2 Maradonia and the Gold of Ophir Gloria Tesch
D2 Marching Toward Freedom James McPherson
B2 Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings and the Florida Cracker Sandra Wallus Sammons, Nina McGuire
B1 Marjory Stoneman Douglas Voice of the Everglades Jennifer Bryant 
B1 Marjory Stoneman Douglas Voice of the River Marjory Stoneman Douglas
A4 Marriages
A2 Marriages Volume 1 &2  
D3 Massacre! Frank Laumer
A3 Master Plan for the James E. Grey Preserve none
A3 Meadowlawn Memorial Gardens
B3 Memories of Old Miami Hoyt Frazure
A3 Methodism: Growth and Glory  Mary Lou Knight, Helen Irene DeCoudres
B3 Miami - City of the Future T. D. Allman
B4 Miami - The Way We Were Howrd Kleinberg
B4 Miami - Then and Now Arva Moore Parks and Carolyn Klepser
B3 Midland Florida: The Eden of the South Reprint Carl Webber
B1 Migration of Birds Frederick C. Lincoln 
C2 Minorcans in Florida  Jane Quinn 
E2 Monticello  Ann O'Connell Rust
C3 Monticello Recipes Old and New Jefferson County Historical Association
B2 Moon Handbooks Florida Gulf Coast  Laura Reiley 
E3 Mortgage Idiocy and Hairy Legged Women Harry Oller
D3 Mound Builders Robert Silverberg
E3 Mouse in the Manger Robert Z. Hicks
D3 Muskogee Words and Ways Book 1 C. Randall Sakim
D2 Mustered! Foot Soldiers of the 12th JP Fahey
  My Journey Kenneth G. Cassels
A3 My Pioneer Days in West Pasco Julie Obenreder
D3 Mysteries of the Ancient Americans the New World Before Columbus   
C3 National Railway Bulletin   
C3 Native and Exotic Palms of Florida  R.D. Dickey, Erdman West, Harold Mowry 
C3 Native Trees and Plants for Florida Landscaping  Charles S. Bush 
B1 Nature Programs Life in the Everglades  Alexander Sprunt, Jr.
B3 New Era in Ybor City  Urban Renewal Administration
D2 No Further Retreat the Fight to Save Florida  Raymond F. Dasmann 
B2 Norman Ford's Florida: a Good Trip or Successful Retirement Norman D. Ford
B2 North Florida and the Florida Panhandle: An Explorer's Guide Sandra Friend, Kathy Wolf
B2 Northern Florida Attractions A Consumer Guide Bob Sehlinger and John Finley
B4 Northwest Florida Expeditions of Clarence Bloomfield Moore Jeffrey M. Mitchem
C2 Notices of East Florida: a Facsimile Reproduction of the 1822 Edition: Bicentennial Floridiana George Buker, Intro.
C2 Notices of Florida and the campaigns M.M. Cohen
A3 Now and Then in New Port Richey: An Artist's Viewpoint Kathleen Strode
E3 Nuns Nam, and Henna Larry Berube
A2 Officials of Florida Municipalities 1977 Florida League of Cities
D2 Oh, Florida! Craig Pittman
B3 Old Brooksville in Photos & Stories  
C2 Old Florida Compiled Skip Whitson
E3 Once a Hobo: Prose and Poetry Paul Foley
B2 One Tank Trips will Bill Murphy vol 2 Bill Murphy
B2 One Tank Trips with Bill Murphy Bill Murphy
B2 One Tank Trips with Bill Murphy vol 3 Bill Murphy
D3 Osceola Celia Bland
B1 Other Florida Gloria Jahoda
A2 Our Favorite Recipes in New Port Richey Fl Ladies Guild of Grandview Hospital Inc.
A3 Our Lady Queen of Peace - Parish Update - 75 Years Young 1913-1988
C4 Over Florida Mark Derr
E3 Pace Believing in Girls 2011 Literary Magazine Various
E2 Pahokee Ann O'Connell Rust
E2 Palatka  Ann O'Connell Rust
B3 Palm Beach  Hannau, Hans W.
E3 Panther Glade Helen Cavanagh
C2 Paradise for Sale - Florida's Booms and Busts Nick Wynne, Richard Moorhead
A4 Pasco County Florida Will Abstracts 1887-1916 Mary E. Wilson and George Warren
A3 Pasco Heritage Carol Jeffares
E3 Pearl Various
D2 Peculiar Institution  Kenneth M. Stampp
  Peninsula Florida   
C3 Pennsy Steam and Semaphores  Fred Westing
C3 Pickles and Relishes from Florida Fruits and Vegetables Isabelle S. Thursby
C4 Pictorial History of Florida Richard J. Bowe
B3 Pictorial History of Ybor City  Charles E. Harner
A2 Pictorial Memories of Aripeka, Florida, With the Littell Family Louis H. Charity
C1 Pilgrim in the Land of Alligators More Stories About Real Florida  Jeff Klinkenberg
A2 Pine Hill Cemetery Listings West Pasco Historical Society
A3 Pinellas Cemetery Graves
C3 Pioneer Florida Museum Cook Book   
A3 Pioneer Founding Families of Pasco County none
B3 Pioneering in Hillsborough County Fla c. 1 Mrs. Charles Gibson
B2 Places in the Sun the History and Romance of Florida Place-Names  Berth E. Bloodworth and Alton C. Morris 
C3 Planting and Care of Young Citrus  Fred P. Lawrence 
  Plot to Steal Florida: James Madison's Phony War Joseph Burkholder Smith
  Poems of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings: Songs of a Housewife  Rodger L. Tarr, editor
E3 Poetry 100 Years Christian Wiman, Editor
B3 Polk County and Its Government  
A1 Polk's New Port Richey City Directory 1963 R. L. Polk and Co.
A1 Polk's New Port Richey City Directory 1970 R. L. Polk and Co.
A1 Polk's New Port Richey City Directory 1972 R. L. Polk and Co.
A1 Polk's New Port Richey City Directory 1973 R. L. Polk and Co.
A1 Polk's New Port Richey City Directory 1973 R. L. Polk and Co.
A1 Polk's New Port Richey City Directory 1974 R. L. Polk and Co.
A1 Polk's New Port Richey City Directory 1978 R. L. Polk and Co.
A1 Polk's New Port Richey City Directory 1983 R. L. Polk and Co.
A3 Port Richey Company Brochure Port Richey Company
D3 Potawatomi Indian Summer Oldenburg, E. William
E1 Preservation of historic architecture Department of Interior
A2 Preserving the Future: A History of the J. B. Starkey Wilderness Park J. B. Starkey
E1 Probe into leadership; images of Black Americans Lee Williams
E2 Project Dark Savior E. A. Mourn
E2 Puny Man, A Henley Hornbrook
E3 Radolescents: Humorous Outside the Box Adolescent Adventures Zita Ewert
C3 Railroads, Depots and Stations in Florida  Lawrence Applefield 
C3 Railroads, Lumbering Operations and Logging Lines in Florida Lawrence Applefield 
E3 Rainbow Murders a Novel  Chris Coad Taylor 
B2 Rand McNally Guide to Florida  
C1 Rebel Storehouse Robert A. Taylor 
C3 Recipes from the Saints of All Saints Episcopal Church Tarpon Springs
E1 Recording historic structures John A. Burns (Edited by)
B2 Recreational Guide to Southwest Florida Management District Lands  
C1 Red, white, and bluebloods in frontier Florida Malcolm B. Johnson
A3 Reflections  Rao Musunuru, M. D.
C3 Reflections the Garden Revisited   
E3 Rita, Rita L. L. Dahl-Jensen
B3 River of the Golden Ibis Gloria Jahoda
B2 Roadside History of Florida Douglas Waitley
E3 S is for Sunshine Carol Crane
A2 Saltworks Near Hopeville William Holcomb
B3 Sanctuary and Singing Tower Mountain Lake Florida   
C3 Savory Offerings Cookbook St. Martin's Episcopal Church Women
B1 Sea Kayaking in the Florida Keys Bruce Wachob
E3 Sea Oats and Other Poems Joseph Francis Kenney
C1 Seashells, Gator Bones, and the Church of Everlasting Liability  Susan Adger 
B1 Seashores  Herbert S. Zim, Ph. D. And Lester Ingle, Ph. D. 
B1 Seasons of Real Florida Jeff Klinkenberg
E2 Seasons of the Salt Marsh David Gates
B3 See Yankeetown History and Reminiscences Tom Knotts
C3 Selected Trees for Florida Homes  C.A. Conover and E.W. McElwee
  Seminole Indian Recipes Joyce LaFray
D3 Seminole Tribe of Florida: Celebrating 50 Years of the Signing of Our Constitution and Corporate Charter, 1957 - 2007 Virginia Mitchell, editor
E3 Shadow of the Arch Ken Dye
E3 She Had to Know Coco Ihle
B1 Shells of the Florida Coasts   
B3 Siege of St Augustine in 1702 Charles W. Arnade 
C3 Sinister Garden a Guide To  Most Poisonous Plants   
D2 Sinkholes  Sandra Friend 
C1 Sketches from a Younger Florida  Howard Hartley
C2 Sketches, historical and topographical, of the Floridas James Grant Forbes
B2 So This is Florida  Frank Parker Stockbridge, John Holliday Perry 
A3 Some Pasco County Families Carl Gause
E3 Soul Hill Lullabies Stephanie Mesler
  Southern Architecture 350 Years of Distinctive American Buildings  Kenneth Severens
C3 Southern Christmas Book Kane, Harnnette T.
B2 Southern Florida Attractions A Consumer Guide  Bob Sehlinger and John Finley
C3 Spices and Spoons The Junior League of New Port Richey
B2 Springs of Florida  Doug Stamm 
B3 St. Augustine  
B3 St. Ignatius Roman Catholic Church 1956-1981 No Author Given
B3 Staying the Course Port Canaveral- the First Fifty Years  Rachel Moehle
A3 Stilt Houses in the  Gulf of Mexico   
B3 Story of  Chokoloskee  Charlton W. Tebeau
C1 Story of Florida  May McNeer
C2 Story of Florida  Rembert W. And Eleanor Patrick 
D3 Story of Florida's Seminole Indians Wilfred T. Neill
A2 Story of Hudson, Florida Harry G. Miller
E1 Story of the Great American West Edward S. Barnard, editor
E2 Strawberry Girl Lois Lenski
A3 Suncoast Past Glen Dill 
B3 Sunland Tribune   
B1 Sunshine in the Dark Florida in the Movies Susan J. Fernandez, Robert P. Ingallls
B3 Surf Sand and Post Card Sunsets  Frank T. Hurley, Jr 
A2 Survey of Grave Markers in the Cemeteries of Southwest Pasco County Florida  Karl Eaton Parks
A2 Survey of Graves in the Cemeteries of Northwest Pasco County, Florida West Pasco Genealogical Society
A4 Survey of the Graves in the Cemeteries of NW Pasco County West Pasco Genealogical Society
D2 Suwannee Divide Gene Jones
B3 Tales from a Florida Fish Camp Jack Montrose
C1 Tales of Old Florida   
E2 Tales of Two Gails  Gail Shepherd Diedrich and Gail Kelly Lester
A2 Tales of West Pasco Ralph Bellwood
E3 Tall Grass: Poems by John H. Durney John H. Durney
B3 Tallahassee in View  Florida's Historic Capital  Rotary Club, Tallahassee
B3 Tallahassee: a Ballad of Nova Scotia in the Sixties Andrew Merkel 
B3 Tampa a Town on Its Way  The Junior League of Tampa
C1 Tampa Bay History Fall/Winter 1980 University of South Florida
C1 Tampa Bay History Fall/Winter 1981 University of South Florida
C1 Tampa Bay History Fall/Winter 1982 University of South Florida
C1 Tampa Bay History Fall/Winter 1983 University of South Florida
C1 Tampa Bay History Fall/Winter 1984 University of South Florida
C1 Tampa Bay History Fall/Winter 1985 University of South Florida
C1 Tampa Bay History Fall/Winter 1986 University of South Florida
C1 Tampa Bay History Fall/Winter 1987 University of South Florida
C1 Tampa Bay History Fall/Winter 1988 University of South Florida
C1 Tampa Bay History Fall/Winter 1990 University of South Florida
C1 Tampa Bay History Fall/Winter 1995 University of South Florida
C1 Tampa Bay History Spring/Summer 1980
C1 Tampa Bay History Spring/Summer 1981 University of South Florida
C1 Tampa Bay History Spring/Summer 1982 University of South Florida
C1 Tampa Bay History Spring/Summer 1983 University of South Florida
C1 Tampa Bay History Spring/Summer 1984 University of South Florida
C1 Tampa Bay History Spring/Summer 1985 University of South Florida
C1 Tampa Bay History Spring/Summer 1987 University of South Florida
C1 Tampa Bay History Spring/Summer 1988 University of South Florida
C1 Tampa Bay History Spring/Summer 1990 University of South Florida
C1 Tampa Bay History Spring/Summer 1994 University of South Florida
C1 Tampa Bay History Spring/Summer 1997 University of Soouth Florida
B3 Tarpon Springs Florida the Early Years  Gertrude K. Stoughton
B3 Tarpon Springs Florida the Early Years  Gertrude K. Stoughton
D3 Tatham Mound Piers Anthony
B3 Teachers and Schools on the Tampa Bay Frontier Canter Brown, Jr.
A1 Telephone Directory 1931-32 none
A1 Telephone Directory 1958 none
A3 Telephone Directory 1979 none
B2 That Vanishing Eden Thomas Barbour
A2 Then & Now New Port Richey Jeff Cannon
A2 Things I Remember 1899-1979 Jay Starkey
C3 This Fascinating Railroad Business Robert Selph Henry 
B2 This Was Florida's Boom  Walter P. Fuller 
E3 Thriving With Positive Attitudes Barbara Dandro
E2 Thunder on the St. Johns a Cracker Western  Lee Gramling
  To Rule the Night James B. Irwin with William A. Emerson, Jr. 
E3 Tomie Turtles Secret Robert Z. Hicks
C2 Tourbook Florida, 2002 edition AAA
B2 Travels of William Bartram Mark Van Doren, editor
C1 Treasury of Florida Tales  Webb Garrison 
B2 Tropic of Cracker Al Burt
E3 Trunk, The Wayne S. Williams
B1 Truth About Florida  Needham Christopher Hines 
E3 Two Faces of Mannarino, The Fred Mannarino
  Two Islands Grand Manan and Sanibel  Katharine Scherman
D3 Unconquered Seminole Indians Irvin M. Peithmann 
E2 Under the Weeping Willow Susan Noe Harmon
C2 Valiant Pioneers  Alice Strickland 
B3 Venice Through the Years - A Pictorial History Prudy Taylor Board Esther B. Colcord
C2 View of West Florida  John Lee Williams
B3 Vilano and the North Beaches Vivian C. Browning, Sallie L. O'Hara, and John T. Pilecki
  Voice of the River  Marjory Stoneman Douglas 
B3 Wakulla Springs  Elizabeth Thompson Adler 
D3 War Chief of the Seminoles May McNeer
D3 War in Florida Woodburne Potter
D3 War with the Seminoles 1835-1842 Kenneth M. Jones
D3 Warriors of the Rainbow William Willoya and Vinson Brown
C3 Water Birds Bird Guide Game Birds and Birds of Prey East of the Rockies  Chester A. Reed 
C4 Water Resources Atlas of Florida Edward A. Fernald and Donald J. Patton, Editors
B3 Weeki Wachee City of Mermaids Lu Vickers & Sara Dionne
D2 Welcome to the Florida House of Representatives 2012-2014 none
B4 West and Central Florida Expeditions of Clarence Bloomfield Moore Jeffrey M. Mitchem
A3 West Pasco Early Families A-Z, 2 volumes Marjorie London-Prace, editor
A2 West Pasco's Heritage West Pasco Historical Society
  Who Were the Savages Ervin Stuntz 
C2 Who's Who in Florida 1973-74 Eugene R. Fronk
C2 Who's Who of Florida C.M. Mello, Editor
E3 Wild Hunt, The Jared Sandman
B4 Wilderness Florida Robert Anderson
B4 William Bartram's Florida: A Naturalist's Vision Charlotte M. Porter
E3 Wired Ronson Duncan
A2 Withlacoochee River Park Nature Trail Self Guide Pasco County Parks and Recreation Department
B3 Women on the Tampa Bay Frontier Canter Brown, Jr.
A4 WPA Veteran's Grave Registrations 1940-41 Florida Department of Military Affairs
B4 Yat Kitischee the Archaeology of a Prehistoric Coastal Hamlet Jan Research 
B3 Ybor City's Tomorrow Dawns Today Rual M. Chandler, Editor
E3 Year of Joy Angela Bruce
B3 Yesterday's Sarasota  Del Marth 
E2 Yesteryear I Lived in Paradise: The Story of Caladesi Island Myrtle Scharrer Betz
E3 You Can't Pick Up Raindrops John Charles Miller
C3 Your Florida Garden John V. Watkins & Herbert S. Wolfe